Harvest House Ministries
3435 Ramsayville Rd. Ottawa, ON

Fundraising FAQ

We are calling to ask for a donation or offer a product for sale. Like many other charity organizations, Harvest House does not receive government funding and depends on community support. As part of the skills development program, residents are directly involved in fundraising activities. We are calling to ask for your financial support.

A resident of the Harvest House program. By volunteering nightly in the sales room, residents not only participate in fundraising efforts, but also learn valuable business and professional skills that will benefit them upon graduation from the program. Harvest House does not and has never used professional fundraisers.

Harvest House saves lives and gives hope! Unfortunately, many of us have been touched in some way by addiction, whether through our own experiences or those of loved one. While we understand that there are many worthy charities in our region, we are asking you to help us provide a safe and secure environment for young men suffering from addiction, who may not otherwise get the help they need.

No! Harvest House does not contract outside professional fundraisers. Our fundraising program and sales team are organized by both current and former residents, and every penny we receive goes directly to support the men as they work toward their recovery.

Harvest House drivers are experienced and trusted graduates of the program, who volunteer their time in the evening to pick up donations and deliver products to your door. All drivers carry valid Harvest House ID at all times and are happy to present this ID to you.

We respect our donors’ information and will never compromise on security. All donations are verified by a reliable senior supervisor. You can choose between making a payment over the phone by credit card, leaving a cheque in your mailbox for pick up, or paying online through our secure website. In the past Harvest House has run door-to-door campaigns, but no longer does.

The products that we offer change throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, we run the Card Campaign, selling cards created with the help of residents. The next campaign involves selling tickets to the annual Recovery Cup, a softball tournament between men in the program and various first responders throughout the community. At the end of the year, we run the Calendar Campaign, during which you can support Harvest House by purchasing a calendar.

Harvest House mails out tax receipts two to four weeks after your donation. We are transitioning to e-receipts and online receipting, which we anticipate will enhance our ability to provide receipts immediately after receiving a donation. Providing your email address will speed up this process.

Harvest House calls numbers that are publicly available in the phone book. We solicit across the greater Ottawa area and tend to call each area once or twice a year. Harvest House does not purchase any phone number or solicitation lists, nor do we pay for access to any phone banks. We do not contract to outside fundraisers and every phone call is made by our residents.

Every phone call made by Harvest House residents is a sincere request for support as they work to overcome their addiction and return to the community. We recognize that there are a number of important charitable causes in the Ottawa area and understand if you are not in a position to support. While we call once or twice a year, we are happy to remove your number from our call list at your request.