Harvest House Ministries
3435 Ramsayville Rd. Ottawa, ON

Choosing Non-Violence

The Choosing Non-Violence program that Harvest House offers is based on the internationally renowned Domestic Assault Intervention Program, often referred to as the Duluth Model. This program was built by listening to victim’s experiences of domestic violence.

Choosing Non-Violence helps participants move away from violent behaviours and towards behaviours that foster respect, trust, and equality.

We hold weekly discussion groups that help our residents recognize abusive practices, the beliefs they stem from, and how they can work towards change.

We cover things like:

  • Making your partner feel safe and comfortable expressing herself
  • Respecting your partner
  • Fostering trust and support
  • Being honest and accountable
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Being a positive role model for children
  • Making decisions together
  • Working as a team
  • Negotiating fairly and resolving conflict