Harvest House Ministries
3435 Ramsayville Rd. Ottawa, ON


Harvest House has four additional “re-entry” houses to assist graduates as they face the difficult challenge of re-entering society after completing a year at the main facility. Three of these houses contain private rooms for graduates, providing housing for an additional 12 men, and one is a family house, allowing one resident to live with his family. This continuation of supported living is an important part of many graduates’ re-entry into the community. Upon completion of the one-year program, each graduate is given the opportunity to move to one of these re-entry houses that neighbour the main facility. Graduates living in re-entry gain increased responsibility and independence while continuing to learn how to live sober, remaining embedded in a supportive recovery environment, and giving back to the community through volunteer work. During their time in re-entry, many graduates pursue university studies and work at Harvest House as junior staff members.

By remaining involved in the Harvest House community and volunteering their time at the main facility, graduates living in re-entry provide valuable peer support to newer residents. The opportunity to interact with graduates who were just like them and are now sober, successful, and moving on with their lives provides hope and encouragement to men in earlier stages of recovery. Helping others work towards sobriety also helps graduates by reinforcing recovery principles and giving them the chance to have a positive impact on someone else’s life. The re-entry housing offered at Harvest House benefits both current residents and recent graduates by facilitating peer-mentorship and providing ongoing support.