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Rita’s Transformation

Rita Murray and her late husband, Archie, have been pillars in the Harvest House community for over 30 years. This year Rita published a book about her life story – particularly the transformation she’s experienced since becoming a Christian. The book is titled Rita’s Transformation and you can purchase it on Amazon.

Book Summary (from publisher):

Master manipulator, short-fuse angry, impatient, self-centered, controlling, and jealous. These are but a few of the adjectives Rita Murray uses to describe herself—until her transformation, that is. Can a person really change deeply-embedded aspects of their personality? Traits that have been learned since childhood, practiced patterns of behaviour, is it possible to alter these so significantly that it is as if the person is reborn?

In Rita’s Transformation the author, Rita Murray, outlines her life: what she was like, what happened to her, and what she is like today. Rita describes the incidents that warranted the changes she needed to make. Most changes came very slowly, although some were quick, but all were necessary and beneficial for Rita to have a better life and enjoy the time she has left before going Home. Some of the stories may seem funny now but at the time they were difficult—yet all were learning experiences.

The author shares her understanding and advice on:

• Where to go to get the right kind of help from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction

• How to reframe one’s mind to think the right things in the right way and then to choose to act in a more positive manner

• How to change to be a better person by getting to know Jesus Christ and how to follow Him by reading and studying the Bible and getting help from a spiritual leader.

God has changed Rita to the point that she is not the person she was before she invited Him to come into her life and help her to be willing to change. Rita’s story has the power to motivate individuals to get help when they need to and find some of the happiness and peace that Rita has today.