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Anger Management

Learning to manage anger and other extreme emotions is an important aspect of recovery for residents at Harvest House. Based on Anderson and Anderson’s Gaining Control of Ourselves curriculum, the anger management course teaches residents effective techniques for recognizing and managing their anger in positive ways. The course builds on the community model of therapy upheld at Harvest House by facilitating peer-mentorship and encouraging group discussion and open sharing.

At the outset of each course, residents complete an in-depth, one-on-one assessment interview with one of Harvest House’s anger management facilitators to assess their needs and suitability for the course. Through activities that include group discussions, guided study of the Gaining Control of Ourselves workbooks, homework assignments, and in-class tasks, course participants learn to acknowledge and positively manage their anger. In addition, the course includes modules on stress management, increasing emotional intelligence, and developing effective communication strategies. Residents who successfully complete the course receive a certificate and some go on to support new course participants by acting as teaching assistants.